fara stoc


MAGNUM, the line of door profiles in aluminium with an
increased section. Designed with the idea of satisfying the
greatest possible number of architectural solutions, the new
line proves to be among the most complete on the market of
aluminium profiles for automatic sliding doors. The entirety of
the range enables, in fact, the realization of all the components
of an automatic sliding entrance: sliding wings, fixed wings,
ground guides, transom-window, support beams of the
automations and interfaces with fixed elements such as walls.
The larger dimension of the profiles makes the MAGNUM range
complementary to the existing lines of door profiles produced
by SESAMO and allows the satisfaction of all requirements,
especially when strength and solidity are fundamental design
components. The new design of the rounded forms confers
harmony and prestige to the structures realized with these
profiles. Particular solutions, such as the existence of snap
panestop profiles, make the new product extremely easy to
assemble and install. With MAGNUM, the SESAMO customers
will have a real and complete tool available for the realization
of finished systems, “key in hand”.

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